Why are coloring pages important for a child’s development?

Coloring pages are a common art activity used by parents of young children, in preschools and elementary schools.  Teachers use coloring pages to teach children about animals, fruit, vegetables, numbers, letters, and more…

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So, why are coloring pages important for a child’s development? First and foremost, children love drawing and coloring. Coloring pages help children learn about the world around them in a fun and easy way.

Children love colors. This is the reason why in preschools and lower school grades the curriculum includes a lot of coloring and art activities. The goal is to provide toddlers and children with a fun, creative outlet. Studies show that young children learn faster than during any other time in their lives, which makes those coloring page activities such a great opportunity for learning.

Which coloring pages are best for early childhood development?

Coloring pages with images of the natural world are a great activity for young children. They can color trees, flowers, the sun, the sky, and the clouds in various vibrant colors. Here’s an idea for a coloring activity: Choose a number of nature related coloring pages on our website, print them out, and go out to the yard with the coloring pages and markers. When you come across something in nature that appears in your coloring page, have your child color it using the same colors he or she sees in nature. Another fun activity is to take animal coloring pages with you to the zoo and have your child color the pages as they come across the different animals.

Why are coloring pages important for child development

Benefits of Coloring Pages activities

1. Self expression

Children can express themselves through coloring. It’s important to give your child the opportunity to express herself through art, not just through speaking or writing.

2. Therapy

Children may feel calm and peace while coloring. Coloring increases focus (as they try to stay within the lines), imagination, and creativity. Using colors can also help children express emotions. Coloring can help children relax after a day at school.

3. Learning

Coloring can teach children how to recognize lines, colors, shades, perspective, shapes, and patterns. Their work changes as their knowledge of these elements grows.

4. Motor skills and coordination

Coloring requires children and toddlers to use various writing tools. Holding their pencil or marker correctly, as well as practicing hand-eye coordination, can be useful skills to have later in life.

5. Achievement

It may seem simple to us, but for children, finishing a coloring page can feel like an achievement! For children, coloring inside the lines is just as important as knowing how to count to ten, reciting the alphabet, or learning their multiplication chart. Children see the completion of their coloring page as an accomplishment and a source of pride. There is a tangible result that they can see (and even put up on the fridge).

Where can I find coloring pages for printing?

On our website we have a large selection of coloring pages for children. You can choose a coloring page from one of the many categories and print it out for free. There are other coloring page websites out there, with coloring pages on almost any subject you can think of.

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