Vehicles coloring pages

Vehicles Coloring Pages

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tractor coloring page
tractor coloring page
private car coloring page
motorcycle coloring page
ambulance coloring page
sports car coloring page
police car coloring page
dump truck coloring page
race car coloring page
fire truck coloring page
bus coloring page

Vehicles coloring pages

A car is a big vehicle with a motor that can hold passengers. These days there are many different types and sizes of cars. There are tiny cars that can only carry two passengers and there are big cars that can carry seven passengers.

A passenger car is the most popular vehicle in the world and almost every family has at least one car that is uses every day. A car allows people to get where they need to go on time (without the need for public transport). Cars are not cheap and can cost tens of thousands of dollars, require constant maintenance, and of course refilling of fuel.

Some vehicles are meant to carry only one or two people such as a motorcycle, which only has two wheels. Some vehicles such as buses are meant to carry dozens of passengers. Some vehicles are used for work such as semi-trailers and dump trucks and some are meant for rescue such as fire trucks, police cars, ambulances, and others.

Here at we’ve chosen vehicles coloring pages that your children will love.


Vehicles coloring Pages List:

  1. Passenger car coloring page – a family car
  2. Race car coloring page – a uniquely designed car that can reach very high speeds
  3. Sports car coloring page – a technologically advanced car
  4. Tractor coloring page – a work vehicle out in the field
  5. Motorcycle coloring page – a big beautiful motorcycle, for driving at high speed on the open road
  6. Police car coloring page – special police car with siren and lights
  7. Fire truck coloring page – big rescue vehicle with water hoses, a ladder, and other rescue devices
  8. Dump truck coloring page – a dump truck carrying construction materials

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