Unicorn coloring pages

Unicorn Coloring Pages

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wings unicorn coloring page
royal unicorn coloring page
rainbow unicorn coloring page
baby unicorn coloring page
night unicorn coloring page
little pony coloring page

Unicorn coloring pages

A long time ago, people believed in creatures that looked like white horses or goats, with one horn in the middle of their forehead. The unicorn is considered a majestic and noble creature that drinks morning dew and doesn’t hurt any plant or animal. According to mythology, the unicorn reveals itself to young girls, and only lets them come near it.

There are many stories and fairy tales about unicorns, but they all depict the unicorn as a noble creature with pure and magical properties that has come to do good deeds for nature and the world. Another interesting fact about unicorns – it is Scotland’s national animal and an image of it appears in the coat of arms of both Scotland and the United Kingdom.

Here at coloringpages.site, we included a variety of unicorn images that children will love to print and color. In this section you will also find “My Little Pony” and other wonderful coloring pages.


Unicorn Coloring Pages List:

  1. Unicorn at night coloring page – a beautiful majestic creature out at night under a starry sky
  2. Rainbow unicorn coloring page - a beautiful unicorn with a wonderful rainbow in the background
  3. Majestic unicorn coloring page – Uniquely beautiful unicorn, majestic, special, and magical
  4. “My Little Pony” coloring page – A lovely cute creature
  5. Winged unicorn coloring page – Majestic unicorn with wings that can fly
  6. Baby unicorn coloring page – Cute little baby unicorn that you fall in love with right away

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