Summer coloring pages

Summer Coloring Pages

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summer sun coloring page
girl holdigirl swimming in a home pool coloring pageng umbrella coloring page
summer food coloring page
boy builds a sandcastle coloring page
girl swimming in the sea with fish coloring page
beach in the summer coloring page

Summer coloring pages

Summer is here, the sun is in the sky, and the weather is hot. Summer brings with it lots of free time and parents and children can do fun activities in and out of the house. Some days you can find outdoor activities such as going to the beach or the swimming pool. Some days, especially when it’s too hot to be outside, it’s good to find something fun and educational to do indoors, like coloring pages.

On our website you will find many printable coloring pages that children know and love with movie and TV characters, landscapes and nature, and a special page just for summer with images such as beach, sun, playing in the sand, and many more summer pages.

Now you have a great idea for an activity during summer vacation – just color! All you have to do is get some colorful markers, pick out your coloring pages, print them out and start coloring!

Here are some ideas for activities you can do with coloring pages by yourselves or with friends. For example, you can create puzzles out of coloring pages, color with stickers, create a coloring book, and do artistic etchings on your coloring pages. Read our article about fun ideas for coloring page activities for the summer and expand your play possibilities.

Summer coloring Pages List:

  1. A sweet girl with a snorkel playing in a kiddie pool in her yard
  2. The sweet and cold food that kids love to eat in the summer: grapes, watermelon, and ice cream!
  3. A cute girl swimming in the big ocean with a tube and little fish swimming around her.
  4. A cute kid at the beach building sand castles, with waves and sun in the background
  5. A beautiful scene with a beach, sailboats in the water, a ball and pail on the sand, an umbrella and a cold drink
  6. A big happy sun with big glasses, telling us summer is coming

You didn’t find a coloring page you like? Contact Us and we will be happy to consider adding it.