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Quick guide: How to draw your own coloring page

Feeling creative? Want to create your own coloring page with your own original design? Worried you can’t make it yourself? We have news for you – you absolutely can!

By Coloring Pages Team

You can use a simple computer graphics program such as Paint or Photoshop, or hand draw your design and then scan it onto your computer. You can even find coloring pages online and use them to create your own coloring pages (make sure you don’t violate copyrights. Download for personal use only).

Here is a quick guide to making your own coloring page that you can print or save as a digital file that you can later change, edit, or combine with other drawings.


How to draw your own coloring page 

1. Trace your drawing on a piece of paper using a pencil (so you can easily make changes to it if you need to)

2. Once you’re happy with your drawing, trace over the pencil with a thicker-tip marker

3. Scan your drawing into a digital file (jpg/gif/png) and save on your computer

4. Start your graphics program and make changes to the drawing if you need to

5. When you’re done, print out your creation and color it! You can also send it to us at and we will be happy to upload it onto our website

how to draw a coloring page yourself

How to create coloring pages using existing pictures and drawings 

1. Find fun pictures that you like in newspapers, books, or online

2. Trace the picture with a pencil

3. Scan your traced image into a computer file

4. Open the file using the graphics program of your choice and make changes to it if necessary.

5. Print the page you created in black and white. Here is a free program that converts any image into a black and white coloring page.

Remember that images you find online or through other sources are often copyright protected and are for personal use only.

That doesn’t too complicated, does it? So get to work and make your own coloring pages!

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