Download free Pokemon Digital Coloring Book. In the book you will find about 20 high-quality coloring pages for children. We invite you to dive into a wonderful world of the most cute creatures in the world!

In the coloring book you will find paintings to color with various characters from the magical world of Pokemon such as:

Pokemon Pikachu coloring page – a yellow electric power, the most  popular in the world.

Pokemon Meloetta coloring page – This Pokemon can make other Pokemons be happy or be sad thanks to its wonderful musical playing ability.

Pokemon Eevee – A very brown and innocent furry creature that rotates mostly in urban areas and has the special ability to adapt to almost any new environment thanks to its genetic makeup.

Pokemon Dragonite Coloring Page – Dragon creature that can fly faster than the speed of sound and lives mostly by the sea. Dragonite is a very clever and wise Pokemon whose goal is to save mankind from disasters.

Pokemon Minun – a sweet and cute creature who cares mostly for his Pokemon friends than for himself and he hates water and fears the rain.

Pokemon Emolga coloring page – a flying saucer type that knows how to generate electricity through the cheeks and to discharge electricity when it flies from place to place and more …

The story about the Pokemon

The Pokemon, also known as: Pocket Monsters are hundreds of fictional and special species that are divided into 7 generations of game monsters designed for children and famous for video games, TV series, movies and even cards.

Many like to play and collect Pokemon, so we created for you on a collection of Pokemon coloring pages of the most favorite types. Thus it is possible to paint the wise creatures and the supernatural beings with pleasure, who can even understand the language of men.

The Pokemon are divided into eighteen types with different powers and characteristics, such as: ordinary Pokemon, wind, fire, earth, electricity, water, grass, dragon, fighting, grass, ice, rock, sensory, insects, flying, metal, Here too you will find Pokemon coloring pages of different types.

The most familiar Pokemon is Pikachu, a cute creature resembling an electric yellow mouse. Pikachu is a loyal Pokemon and is the official symbol of the famous video game called: Pokemon Yellow because it appears throughout the games, series and movies. Here, too, you can paint a Pokemon Pikachu painting with the colors of the familiar figure or the colors you choose.

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