Download a free Paw Patrol coloring book containing about 30 high-quality coloring pages for all members of the Rescue Unit participating in various rescue activities.

In the book you will also find coloring pages of all the dog characters of the crew: Ryder Coloring Page – Leader of the Puppies Rescue Team, a 10 year old boy. Chais Coloring Page – German Shepherd Dog Puppy. Marshall coloring page – Dalmatian puppy, with a huge heart in the role of firefighter on the team.

Sky coloring page – Cocker spaniel and poodle puppy, sweet and smart in the squadron role in the team. Everest coloring page – Siberian Husky puppy, beautiful and gentle as the snow plow in the team. Rabel coloring page – a bulldog puppy, gentle and pleasant in the role of the team builder and more …

The story of Paw Partol

Paw Patrol is a series that tell the story of the adventures of Ryder, a ten-year-old boy who leads the rescue squad of six sweet puppies, each of whom has a role in the rescue team. On the site coloring pages you will find high-quality coloring pages of Paw Patrol and of every puppy from the rescue team.

When one of the city’s citizens gets into trouble, Ryder gets a message to group the rescue team and hear the description of the trouble. Usually Ryder should wake up one of the old puppies and immediately after that the team will perform the rescue with great success and remind the rescuer: If you need help, call the rescue unit”.

Here you will find a variety of coloring pages of the stars of the Paw Patrol series and you can print and paint the character you like the most in wonderful colors. If you like to go out on adventures and perform fun tasks, you will also be happy to paint and imagine your next action 🙂

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