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Mandala Center balls coloring page
Petals mandala coloring page
Arms mandala coloring page
Mandala thick flower coloring page
Hearts mandala coloring page
Flowers with circles mandala coloring page
Stars mandala coloring page
Flower mandala coloring page
circular interlace mandala coloring page

Mandala coloring pages

Now you can relax with dozens of mandalas to color in a variety of shapes and shades suitable for anyone who likes to color. You can choose the beginner's level (mandala for children) or advanced level (mandala for adults). If you feel creative or want to wander into pleasant thoughts, come to choose from the variety of mandalas to print waiting for you on our site.

Coloring mandalas has become a common activity in recent years that is suitable for both children and adults. There are relatively simple mandalas to color and there are more complex mandala drawings with dense texture that take longer to color. In any case, it is fully agreed that activity with mandala coloring pages contributes greatly to reducing stress in people and soothing the mind.

All the mandala drawings on our site are of very high quality, with many styles (anyone can easily find a favorite style) and it is very easy to print them. We update and add new mandalas from time to time so that our visitors will not be bored. Each mandala for coloring was carefully selected and found suitable for our visitors. On our site, you will find lots of mandalas to print instantly.

The meaning of the word "mandala" is a circle that metaphorically represents the universe, the environment and the community. Each mandala has a shape and unique decorations and its base is usually sketches of swirls and circles that represent the gates of the universe in Tibetan, Eastern, geometrical style, etc. There are also simple mandalas for children.

Coloring mandalas is an activity with a therapeutic aspect and it is used in art therapy. The goal of the mandala is to assist in psychological situations when the individual suffers from various disorders, and it was found that the person can be understood psychologically and mentally when the mandala (as a therapeutic tool) reflects his self-awareness and his ability to resolve conflicts in different situations.

Choose the complex level of the mandalas and you will find a display with a variety of mandala coloring pages on our site. Each mandala can be printed and colored immediately in a fun activity of creation with coloring pages.

Mandalas for children

Welcome to the page of mandalas for children, which was created specifically to promote healing and relaxation in children. Mandala painting is positive because the mandala is made of circular shapes with a center point where everything is possible. Therefore, there is a belief that when someone is coloring mandalas, he expresses a desire for healing and quality of life at the same time.

With mandalas to color you can achieve the following things: Relaxation and improvement of peace of mind, balance of the body, mind and spirit, creating spiritual contact, improving your creativity, increasing self-awareness, encouraging personal expression and great pleasure alone or together with friends.

A question arises: Why are mandalas so soothing? First, because coloring is a relaxing action, it is a wonderful way to express creativity and can be done both as a child and as an adult. It is very important to remember: there is no right way to color a mandala. Everything is possible! There are no rules! You can color a mandala everywhere. Each person who decides to color a mandala creates unique art, you can color in different rhythms, at different times and with other people. Coloring mandalas is cheap and activates the personal intuition of those who color it.

Mandala coloring pages list:

  1. Mandala coloring page round twist - a circular twist that repeats itself in the same way
  2. Mandala coloring page "flower" – simple, flower shaped
  3. Mandala coloring page "flower and circles" – fixed themes of flowers and circles
  4. Mandala coloring page with twists – floral arrangement with external twists
  5. Mandala coloring page "petals" – special with petal drawings
  6. Thick mandala coloring page – easy to color with thick outlines
  7. Mandala coloring page "hearts" – elongated hearts from the outside to the center of the mandala
  8. Mandala coloring page "stars" – stars in many sizes
  9. Mandala coloring page "center balls" – petals with a central circle filled with balls
  10. Mandala coloring page "arms" – fixed themes of elongated arms

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