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Mandala coloring pages for kids - Coloring Pages Online

Mandala Coloring Pages (Kids)

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Coloring page mandala Center balls
Mandala Center balls coloring page
Coloring page mandala petals
Petals mandala coloring page
Coloring page flower mandala and circles
Flowers with circles mandala coloring page
Coloring page mandala thick flower
Mandala thick flower coloring page
Coloring page mandala hearts
Hearts mandala coloring page
Coloring page mandala arms
Arms mandala coloring page
Coloring page mandala stars
Stars mandala coloring page
Coloring page mandala flower
Flower mandala coloring page
Coloring page circular interlace mandala
circular interlace mandala coloring page

Mandala coloring pages (for children)

Welcome to the children’s mandala page, created with the goal of helping children relax and heal. The mandala pattern of “a circle with a center” is the basic structure of creation and can be found all around us.  When coloring mandalas, children can express their inner world through their creation.

Mandala coloring pages help children achieve relaxation, mental calm, a balance of mind, body, and spirit, a spiritual connection, increased creativity, increased self-awareness, greater self expression, and great enjoyment alone or with friends.

Why are mandalas so relaxing? First, because coloring is relaxing. Coloring is a great way to express your creativity for both children and adults. It’s important to remember: There is no right way to color a mandala. Everything is possible! There are no rules! You can color mandalas anywhere.


Coloring lifts your spirits at any age. Mandala coloring is a unique art.  Anyone can color at his or her own pace, by themselves or with others. The big advantages of coloring mandalas are that it is an inexpensive activity and it brings out each person’s artistic and intuitive abilities. 

Mandala coloring pages list:

  1. Circular interweaving pattern mandala
  2. Simple flower mandala
  3. Mandala with repeating patterns of flowers and circles
  4. Interweaving flower pattern mandala
  5. Unique petal design mandala
  6. Easy to color mandala
  7. Elongated hearts design
  8. Star design with stars of different shapes and sizes
  9. Balls in the center design
  10. Elongated petal design

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