How to occupy children with coloring pages for more than five minutes

Coloring pages are a great way to keep children occupied but sometimes children lose their focus or patience after a short time…

By Coloring Pages Team

We came up with a few suggestions on how to keep children occupied with coloring pages for more than five minutes, while providing them with an educational activity they can be involved in.

You can use our activity suggestions during school vacations and holidays, hikes, car rides, flights, and any time you need to keep your kids occupied for a period of time.

How to keep children busy with coloring pages for more than 5 minutes

Six Creative and educational ideas for activities with coloring pages


1. Paint by Numbers

This is an easy way to turn coloring pages into an educational activity. Simply write a number on each section of the drawing and include a legend with a list of numbers and colors. Your child may color in a random order or choose to color in chronological order by number. This is a great way to teach children about numbers.

color by numbers

2. Paint by letters

You can use letters, words, or symbols instead of numbers. This is a great way to teach children their ABCs.

color by letters

3. Paint by color dots

You can mark small circles in different colors on the coloring page so your child can complete the area in the same color. This is a great way to teach toddlers how to tell apart the different colors.

color by colors

4. Puzzle coloring game

A simple game of cutting the coloring page into several pieces (4,6,9, or 12), and asking your child to first put the puzzle together and then color it.

color and puzzle

5. Cutting a coloring page in half 

A lesson in symmetry. Simply cut the coloring page in the middle and let your child complete the drawing based on the original page or based on his or her imagination.

complete and puzzle

6. Search for an object and color it

This game is appropriate for drawings that have many different objects to color. Ask your child to find a certain shape, character, or object, and then color it. Continue until all the elements of the drawing are colored in.

Now you have a few ways to occupy your children, challenge them, and introduce them to more coloring page activities. Pick a drawing that your child loves, print it, and get to work! Have your own ideas for fun coloring page activities? Write to us and we would be happy to add them to our website.

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