Download a free digital coloring book of digital of Hello Kitty, the sweet and fashionable cat that kids love! In the book you will find 30 printable coloring pages of  Kitty and friends in various activities that are simply fun to paint such as: Hello Kitty at the beach, Hello Kitty Bake a cake, Hello Kitty Dancing, Hello Kitty Brewing, Hello Kitty Walk the Zoo,  Hello Kitty is reading a book and more… 

The Story Of Hello Kitty The Cat

Hello Kitty is a popular anime series with a pink main character and cat style. The girl Kitty and a variety of friends beside her. Kitty is a third-grader who lives in London. She looks like a cat, all white-pink and has a flower on her ear. The reason Katie is not here is because she speaks from the heart. Choose the coloring page of Hello Kitty or one of your favorite friends, print and color. Then you can hang the painting on the refrigerator 🙂

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