Dinosaurs coloring pages

Dinosaurs Coloring Pages

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triceratops dinosaur coloring page
ouranosaurus dinosaur coloring page
T Rex dinosaur
Flying dinosaur coloring page
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baby dinosaur coloring page

Dinosaurs coloring pages

A new section on the site contains beautiful drawings of dinosaurs that kids love. Dinosaurs are a type of extinct egg-laying reptiles and their bodies were full of scales. There were dinosaurs living on land, flying dinosaurs and dinosaurs living in the water. Those prehistoric creatures who lived on Earth millions of years ago had a unique and extraordinary appearance that triggers the imagination overtime...

On our site you'll find the most familiar and interesting dinosaurs, such as the most powerful predatory T-Rex, the horned Triceratops dinosaur with the protective neck fan against other predators, a baby dinosaur that just hatches from an egg, a flying dinosaur that preys on other species while flying and many more dinosaurs coloring pages.

Don't forget, you can color all the dinosaur drawings available here in the online coloring game.

Dinosaurs Coloring Pages List:

  1. T-Rex coloring page – Also known as Tyrannosaurus Rex, the biggest dinosaur that ever existed. T-Rex is a vicious predator with 60 sharp teeth that help to easily stab and catch its prey.
  2. Triceratops coloring pages – one of the most familiar species to human kind, a creature on fours with a large skull, horns and a fan-shaped neck. The body structure of the Triceratops helped it protect itself from other predators and become a powerful dinosaur.
  3. Baby dinosaur coloring page – sweet, smiling dinosaur with small and blunt teeth that just hatched from an egg.
  4. Flying dinosaur coloring page – 2 meters long, has feathers and the ability to fly. This dinosaur used to hunt other flying dinosaurs, smaller in size.
  5. Ornosaur coloring page - a giant creature with a hunch with thorns along its back and tail.
  6. Euoplocephalus coloring page - A long, heavyweight dinosaur, very similar to a huge lizard. The entire body of the Euoplocephalus was covered with prickly armor shields, and the most protected part of his body was the head to prevent predators from headbutting him.

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