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Christmas Coloring Pages

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Christmas tree coloring page
christmas tree coloring page
Candies sock coloring page
candies sock coloring page
Santa Claus coloring page
santa Claus coloring page
Decorated wreath coloring page
Decorated wreath coloring page
Snow man holding a present coloring page
snow man coloring page
Two cute reindeer next to Christmas tree coloring page
cute reindeer coloring page

Christmas coloring pages

Christmas is a Christian holiday that symbolizes the birth of Jesus and happens every year on December 25th. Many families celebrate Christmas, not just Christian families. There are countries where Christmas is the most important holiday of the year and it signifies the importance of family. Religious and non-religious people celebrate the holiday in similar ways and uphold its traditions. Christmas traditions include lighting a Christmas tree, giving gifts to family members, having a large family dinner, burning a Yule log, having Christmas parties, and singing Christmas carols.

Other Christmas traditions include decorating houses and storefronts and of course, Santa Clause! Santa Clause is a legendary figure who is said to come through the chimney on Christmas Eve to bring gifts to well-behaved children. Another Christmas tradition is to hang stockings by the fireplace for Santa Clause to fill with presents on his way through the chimney.

What is a Christmas tree? A Christmas tree is usually an evergreen tree such as fir, spruce, or pine. The tradition of the Christmas tree started in Europe, where people used Christmas trees to decorate and light their houses during the darkest time of the year.

On our website you will find coloring pages that depict the traditions and symbols of Christmas around the world. Coloring pages will provide children with a fun indoor activity during the cold winter break, while teaching them about the holiday traditions.


Christmas coloring Pages List:

  1. Santa Clause carrying a big bag of presents on his back
  2. A large wreath with bells and flowers
  3. A beautiful decorated Christmas tree with wrapped presents next to it
  4. A cute snowman wearing a scarf and hat, holding a present
  5. A decorated Christmas stocking filled with candy
  6. Two smiling reindeer next to a spruce tree in the snow

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