If you have not already seen Google’s wonderful coloring tool – with which anyone can immediately draw, you’ve come to the right place! In this tutorial we will show you how easy it is to draw charming drawings and coloring pages that will make you professional drawers. So with a little help from Google’s AutoDraw coloring platform, you can now create lots of drawings that will impress everyone around you 🙂


Start Drawing with AutoDraw

At the entrance to the AutoDraw tool you will see a white screen with three buttons: from the bottom left the AutoDraw Magic Brush (and additional brushes that we will immediately expand on), from the bottom right a color button and from the top left menu icon.

1. Magic Brush

The default tool is this drawing platform is the magic brush. What is the Magic Brush? A brush that identifies your paintings and complements the painting alone and in a much cleaner and more precise way than what you (or your computer mouse) know how to do.

You do not need to know much about this brush, just start sketching and you will see a series of drawings that appear automatically at the top of your screen. From the drawings that appear, you can choose the painting you intended to draw.

If you click on the Magic Brush button, more options will open:

Select button – you can select different drawings on the screen and move them to the desired position, enlarge or reduce them and even rotate them to the right angle.

Draw button – Draw a standard drawing pencil to draw what you want without completing drawings Automatic as in the magic brush

Type button – Add text to your drawing screen

Fill button – a color bucket where you can fill in different areas within the drawing.

Shape button – Add pre-made shapes to your drawing

2. Color Picker

Choose a color for your drawing by clicking the round button on the bottom right of the screen. Clicking on the button will open a color box from which you can choose dozens of shades that are suitable for your painting. Note that if you draw a coloring page yourself, you must select the black color to make the painting suitable for color fill after printing. At any stage you can change the color as desired.


Clicking on the menu (icon vertical lines on the top left of the screen) will open a number of things you can do with your drawing:

Start over – will delete all drawings from the screen so you can restart drawing. distinguish this option from the option “Undo” that will show the last action you performed

Download – this option will allow you to download and save the drawing to a file on your computer

Share – Share the drawing file via Link or Social Networks

How To – tutorial how to use this tool

Artists – Drawings by painters and artists who have drawn them using the AutoDraw tool for public use

About – further information about the tool

Now you can see how simple and easy it is to draw with AutoDraw tool. Within a few seconds you can draw lots of things and even create your own coloring pages. Do not forget to send us your most special paintings, and we will be happy to upload them to the site.

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