How it all began...

The idea of ​​creating a printable coloring pages site was born out of the desire to provide fun, creative and educational activities for children. Since my children often want to play with coloring pages (and it's totally worth to get a few quiet hours in the afternoon), I decided to create a booklet of coloring pages for kids with lots of drawings that my kids love. Over time I realized that beyond the fact that the coloring activity is very enjoyable for my children, it also contributes quite a bit to their development by improving their concentration, giving them motor skills and even relaxing them. Therefore, I decided to allow other people (parents and children) to enjoy the variety of original coloring pages on our site and to choose drawing to print, free of charge.

The "Printable Coloring Pages" site is child-friendly, easy to navigate, and has simple guidelines for printing pages for coloring. All you have to do is choose a coloring page with your favorite drawing and print it. If you do not feel like painting on a sheet of paper, it's fine too. You have the option of choosing coloring pages using a computer coloring game that we have on our site. You can save the drawing you have colored on your computer and print later if you wish.

Here is a wonderful way to have a fun and educational activity for your children. Coloring pages are a mix of art, concentration and patience combined with lots of fun and a relaxed activity for children and parents.

Please note that the use of images to download is free for private use only. Do not copy, duplicate or distribute the original content available on site.